Gourmet Meals for the Month

ll our meals are made fresh to your needs.  You just have to reheat and eat!  

No minimums, order for your convenience.    

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Entrees are available to choose from. 

Gluten Free, Dairy Free and other food allergies can usually be accommodated, upon notification.


March 16th – St. Patty’s Menu

Cheddar Guinness Dip Snack Kit (GF, DF, V)    $7.50

Bacon & Potato Quiche (can be GF)     $7.00 for ¼ pie

Shepherd’s Pie (Ground turkey, GF)    $7.50 for entrée 

Tarragon Chicken with rice & green beans (GF, DF)  $7.50 for entrée

Guinness Beef Stew (GF, DF)  $8.00 for entrée 

March 23rd

Artichoke Grilled Cheese Snack Kit (can be GF, V)    $7.50

Quiche Lorraine (can be GF, V) $7.50 for ¼ pie

Teriyaki Turkey Rice Bowls (can be GF, DF)   $7.50 for entrée 

Mulligatawny Soup with Chicken (GF) $7.00 for lg soup

Prosciutto Wrapped Cod with Lemony Spinach (GF)  $8.00 for entrée  


March 30th 

Roasted Eggplant & Red Pepper dip snack kit (GF, DF, V)  $7.50

Lemon Blueberry Sheet Pan Pancakes (can be GF,V) $7.00 for 2 

Teriyaki Pineapple Turkey Sliders* (can be GF, DF) $7.50 for entrée 

Mushroom Chicken in Dijon Wine Sauce (GF, DF) $7.50 for entrée 

Clam Chowder $7.50 for 16 oz. 

V=vegetarian GF= Gluten free  DF=Dairy Free
Vegan, ORGANIC & Gluten Free buns* Options for $2 extra per entrée!  
95% of the GF menu items are Naturally Gluten Free with no extra charge. 

Please place orders on Friday prior to the following weeks delivery/pick up.  

All items are mostly made from scratch and individually portioned out, 

including seasonal veggies and starch!  

*prices are subject to change due to market price & season 

Prices listed above are effective January 23, 2020.  

Containers are $1.00 each and $14.00 delivery per household. 

Answering the Basics

To answer some simple questions for you please read a note below from our personal chef service… 

  1. Are the meals fully cooked?  Yes! They are cooked to the proper temp recommended by the USDA and cooled quickly and completely before packaged. The vegetables are raw though, unless they are Brussel sprouts or potatoes.  
  2. How do I reheat my meals?   Simply open up the lid on the black plastic containers and place in microwave for about 2 minutes. If you have chicken, I suggest you cut it up into strips before you microwave. Check if your food is HOT to the touch and steaming! Your food should register 165F if you use a cooking thermometer. Keep heating for another minute at a time, let your food rest for 1 minute before eating. Shrimp or turkey burgers can be reheated for 1 minute at a time till hot! If you have a metal pan with Shepherd’s Pie or Tamale Pie, heat in an oven at 350F for 20 minutes til bubbly and hot. Also the internal temp should reach 165F. Same instructions apply for glass containers too. I suggest you remove the lids and just off center for glass containers.  
  3. What do I do with my containers?   All black plastic and Rubbermaid containers are reusable, dishwasher and microwavable safe. Please return them to me clean and we will recycle until they are broken, lost or pitted from too much reheating.  
  4. What if I have a food allergy?   I do everything possible to meet your needs! Gluten free items are made first and cooked separately. I cannot guarantee a completely safe gluten free kitchen since I use both types of flours out there! Just let me know and remind me periodically.  
  5. How do I reorder?  Email me at Sharon@mealswithsharon.com. Follow me on my Facebook page, Cooking with Sharon in Pepperwood for the weekly menus. I send out emails to clients every Thursday or Friday morning to remind them to send in their orders. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to be on that email list.  
  6. What is the order deadline?  For Monday delivery or pickup, orders must be in by Friday at midnight.  
  7. Do you have to order so many meals a week or month?  I don’t have minimums! I want this to be convenient for you! You can order one of each; multiples of any item you love, or nothing for a week because you are on vacation or just too darn busy. But if you do stop responding to emails or ordering, please let me know why, I can accept constructive criticism. 
  8. Do you take referrals?  Love to meet new clients and people! I would love to talk to anyone who might be interested in ordering meals. If you refer someone a $10 credit on your order will be awarded, following their first order. If you order less than $20 a week, then it will be split between two weeks.  
  9. How much is delivery and where do you deliver too?  Delivery is $12 per household and I seem to deliver all along the Wasatch front in Salt Lake County!   Park City delivery is available on Tuesday for $35.  



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